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Do-it-yourself packages

De Vantast designs stylish, wooden furniture for vans that you can assemble yourself. Are you dreaming of building your own campervan with a sleek interior, but you don’t know how to start? De Vantast will help you on your way. For an affordable price we supply you with a easy to assemble DIY kit and with the help of a clear manual the fun can begin.

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with the Vantast you build a tiny house on wheels

How does it work?

When you choose a do-it-yourself package from de Vantast, you will receive more than one hundred individual parts that have been produced by computer controlled cutter. All accurately cut to the millimeter and provided with its own code. With this package you can build, sand and paint the furniture yourself in a colour of your choosing, right from your own house or shed. And because you do most of the work, the costs stay low.

You choose how much help you need

Building your own camper takes a lot of effort. That’s why de Vantast also offers – in addition to the wooden kit – materials and advice in the field of insulation and upholstery. Do you need help with the installation of gas, water and electricity? Also those fields are covered by de Vantast.

500 days of experience as a full-time van lifer

de Vantast

De Vantast has lived, worked and travelled in a self-built campervan for over a year and a half. This experience has formed the inspiration for the development of self-built interiors. Due to his background as an architect, de Vantast can use 3D software to translate the design into an efficient and clear construction package.

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Sytze Boonstra

de Vantast mercedes sprinter zijkant

Mercedes Sprinter / Volkswagen Crafter L2H2


De Vantast is still in the start-up phase and the first DIY package is currently being developed and extensively tested. It is an interior for a Mercedes Sprinter / VW Crafter L2H2. In the near future the Vantast will also start designing interiors for Fiat Ducato / Citroen Jumper / Peugeot Boxer type L2H2 & L3H2, after which other types and layouts will follow. If you have specific wishes, please let us know.

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Many people dream of traveling in a campervan for a longer period of time, but a standard mobile home often does not meet their requirements, or it is simply too expensive. Converting a van into a campervan yourself is a good alternative, but not for everyone. Because how do you know that it will look good, everything functions properly, remains affordable and that the construction process will not take forever? That’s what de Vantast is for. We take these concerns away and leave the easy, fun work to you.

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Would you like to get started with a DIY kit of de Vantast? Or do you want to know more about the design and the working method? Please do not hesitate to contact us.